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Instagram to Test a ‘Repost’ Feature

There's a new feature coming to Instagram

Social media adds new features to meet the demand of its users. Recently, Instagram has been planning to test a new feature that will enable a person to repost other users’ posts. Some of the other social media platforms already have this feature.

Sharing Instagram stories is popular among its users. However, users do not have the option to share other users’ posts on Instagram. Currently, People can share other people’s Instagram posts in two ways. One way is to take a screenshot of a post and re-upload it to Instagram. Another way is to use a third-party app. The good news is that Instagram plans to test the ‘repost’ feature. The new feature will allow users to share other people’s posts on Instagram.

The ‘repost’ feature will significantly benefit the original creator of a post. Lots of popular posts are shared on Instagram through screenshots. Unfortunately, the actual content creators do not get any credit for their effort. However, things can change in the future. The ‘repost’ feature will ensure that the original creators will get deserving recognition for their contribution.

However, not all Instagram users are eligible to use the ‘repost’ feature. The test will be conducted with a selected number of users. At present, it is unknown when all Instagram users will be able to use the ‘repost’ feature. There is no guarantee that the new feature will be a permanent part of Instagram.

It is worth mentioning that the ‘repost’ feature is currently just a test feature. The fate of the feature depends on its test result.

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