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Message to LinkedIn Community, Clients, Employees & Prospective Applicants

Re: Phishing Notice Regarding Chowdhury Aktar & Associates

Recently, not only have we been informed but we have noticed that a few of our applicants have received phishing emails and even attended interviews from scammers pretending to work for Chowdhury Aktar & Associates.

Phishing has now more than ever become a significant problem to even large security-savvy organizations like LinkedIn, and as you probably know, many companies have recently been successfully targeted. This does not mean that we cannot take the necessary measures to understand and identify these threats when they come knocking on our doorsteps.

If you realize that you’ve fallen prey to our latest online predators, please don’t feel embarrassed; it happens to the best of us. A significant portion of online fraud goes unreported, so we are pleading with you to share your experiences when they happen so that we can help others know what to look out for.

In the same turn, we at Chowdhury Aktar & Associates are very sorry for the inconvenience that this kind of intrusion has caused the very few of you who have come forward and for those who are yet to but are still coming to terms with such fraudulent activity.

Deception and fraud are highly frowned upon at CA&A and we take complaints of this nature very seriously. Know that we are here for you and do not take lightly the breach of anyone’s information security, especially where potential clients and/or employees are concerned.

Phishing is real and will be with us for the foreseeable future. Fortunately for us, we have an airtight database, so if you ever feel uneasy about anybody who’s contacted you and claims to be an employee from our firm, in whatever capacity, kindly reach out to us so that we can verify if thus said person(s) exist within our database. We are aware that most of the time, those engaged in fraudulent activity have fake names or aliases which may never be found; however, taking the time to verify the authenticity of your recruiter, for example, will keep you safe than sorry in the long run.

We ask that our valued clients and/or applicants be extra vigilant when seeking employment services or opportunities to prevent fraud and to help protect not only yourselves but the common interests of all and sundry.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Managing Partners at Chowdhury Aktar & Associates or any of our Associates and we’d ensure that your doubts are cleared, and inquiries are answered as soon as possible.

In addition, it is important to note that all our emails for employment are directly sent via our holding company via If you find that you’ve received an email and the address does not match the above-stated, kindly cease all forms of communication and report the culprit – chances are it is not from our headquarters.

Thank you to everyone who has sought out due diligence and trusted us on this matter.

Yours truly,

Mehran Chowdhury Tahmina Aktar

Managing Partner Managing Partner

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